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Da Spiritual STDs Fix

Da Spiritual STDs Fix

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For Adults ONLY

It is advised that you do a general consultation prior to starting this to confirm that this is the perfect set for you.


You NEED Da Set. Da Set includes the tea, the powder, and a cleansing

A  consultation is included 


How to know you need this:

This is a space for healing and not judgement. 
These are not the only ways to contract this illness, but they are the most common. 


Wet Dreams 

Feeling of wanting  sex, but never receiving satisfaction even if the sex was good.

Chronic itching near the crotch or inner thighs

Bumps down there that would be conspired normal or look like ingrown hairs.

Your penis cannot stay hard during sex , or you lose it easily.


Severe change in your Cycles after sex with someone

Giant changes in your mood, finances, or overall mental health after sex with someone.

Your partner adapted skills that you have after having sex with you. 

If you have or have had any symptoms associated with an STI(STD) , but you don’t test POSITIVE.


If you have ever had period sex.

If you have had more than 10 sexual partners. 

If you have more than one sexual partner in between your cycles 

If you have ever engaged in any anal play or anal sex.

If you have ever had sex with someone who can be considered obsessed with you. 

If you have any childhood sexual trauma or were touched inappropriately. If the abuse was physical, that may lead to fibroids or a weak stomach and there is a medicine for that.

If you had sex with someone you know is crazy, evil, or has abused you. 

There are two steps in the system.

You must complete both steps in order for it to work. If you are only able to buy one right now, start with  Da Tea.
After taking the Da Tea for two weeks, you need to buy the Black Pow(d)er,  so that you will be able to start it immediately after you finish Da Tea.

It will not work if you do not take both of them. 

The first step is a Black Pow(d)er that you’ll take twice a day for four days.

Instructions for the Black powder :

Step 1 :

Measure 1 teaspoon ( 5mL) of the Black powder

Step 2 : 

Get 200ml or 8 oz of room temperature or hot water.

Step 3: 

Stir the powder into the water 

Step 4: 

Drink it 

This should be done twice daily for 4 days. 

The second step is a  spiritual tea you’ll take for 30 days.

After you finish the set, you have to wait 30 days to see that everything has left your system.

Please book your post consultation.

This works for men and women , but you may need a second round of Da Tea depending on the severity. 

This practice is native to West Africa.

African ways for African People. 


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