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General Consultation

General Consultation

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Each consultation will come with a summary of the consultation and notes are encouraged ! 

What to expect :

The call lasts about 30 - 45 minutes

The call can be held via Google Hangout, Zoom , or Social Media if previously discussed.

A video call is not required , but it is preferred. 

We will go over the client’s general health history , diet, and current concerns. 

Most clients will receive a suggest regime to start after the call. 

If the case is complex , we ask for a specified amount of time to return with a safe plan of action.

We do not treat HIV/AIDS , Autoimmune diseases , Lupus or Cancer unless you travel to Ghana to stay for observed treatment.

We use herbs to create an environment inside to give your body what it needs to remove the illness.

The Difference between African Herbal Medicine and Western Methods :

Some illness have a spiritual nature as well as a physical illness. Counseling sessions are available as well to aide in a spiritual healing.

Most regimens will take at least 21-28 days for women and 21 days for men to see progress. 


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