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African DNA Review Consultation

African DNA Review Consultation

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If you do not have your Ancestry Raw DNA, you can do an African Divination or we can trace your info using knowledge about your family via interview. 


To use this service with the most ACCURACY you need to have your DNA results from a company such as Ancestry DNA or African Ancestry or 23 and Me. 

If you only want the answers without the full summary, please select “ Answers Only”

Each consultation will come with a summary of the consultation and notes are encouraged 

The consultation will cover :

4 ethnic groups or Tribes most present in your DNA.

A detailed explanation of who you are and where you came from. 

The migration path as well as current locations that your Ancestors would have seen

You will be allowed to ask up to 10 questions concerning your Results.

A report can be written up at no extra cost.


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