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Ancestral Healing & Protection Traditional Waistbeads

Ancestral Healing & Protection Traditional Waistbeads

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If you are attracted to these waistbeads, start with them. 

It is best to have what you need. 

These waistbeads are the best for healing and spiritual protection.

These are hand made , hand painted, and strung with the traditional string in the village. 

Aside from the herb mixtures and oils, these waistbeads have been treated with healing waters. 

This is an investment for your womb. 
This Waistbead takes TIME to make.

This waistbead only works on women with African or Indigenous backgrounds.

Each of the Traditional Waistbeads has spiritual properties. 

These beads will help with  :

Maternal Energy lol

Womb Health

Spiritual attacks  

Severe Anxiety  


Each waistbeads has their own power and significance. These beads are the traditional waistbeads worn by our Ancestors.

size 00-18w

plus size up to 3X