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Power of Forgiveness Set

Power of Forgiveness Set

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This set was created with understanding of how herbs work with your physical & mental health.

African medicine acknowledges how trauma and other wrong doings can affect your spirit ( well being , mindset)

IT IS NOT WITCHCRAFT this is not something that interferes with any spiritual system.


When you have a child with someone that person essentially becomes apart of your life.

We have been told that we all have one soulmate , and that we will marry once and live happy ever after. It doesn’t exactly work like that.

This set is specifically for any woman who has ever been pregnant and :

The baby was not welcomed by both parents and cared for by both families.

If you did not want children before pregnancy or the person

The children’s biological parent is unfit , abandoned, or neglects the child.

 If the pregnancy resulted in a loss , and you are no longer with the person.

 The last one is the most important.

 This set is for women who have had abortion

 Just because you made the decision that’s was best for you, that does not mean that you cut the tie that you had to that individual.


This set will air it all out, so be ready.

 Anything that has been hidden when you were not in the wrong will be easily revealed.

You will lose all interest in him , and he will lose any power over you.

Any physical illness that are results of abuse will reduce or disappear altogether.

Weight associated with pregnancy trauma will reduce from the midsection.

You will have more peace of mind .

If the pregnancy did not come earthside , you will find the source of your emotional , spiritual, or womb ailments.


This is powerful set of 5.

The set will sell out !